Andy Murray Gluten-Free Tennis Champion Diet

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor

Andy Murray Gluten-Free Tennis Champion Diet

Andy Murray Gluten-Free Tennis Champion Diet

World No. 3 admits it hasn’t been easy on a special diet, but he acknowledges that it has paid off. The Andy Murray gluten-free tennis champion diet has given him newfound and noticeable energy levels.

The most common foods eaten for producing energy have been pasta and bread, but those with gluten intolerance need to come up with substitutions to provide these necessary carbohydrates.

Novak Djokovic attributes his successes in 2011 to the change to a gluten free diet, and Murray says he feels fresh and invigorated by the dietary switch.

When glutenin and gliadin combine it forms gluten, and this is found in an array for foods and even pharmaceuticals, so anyone intolerant to this should be careful to avoid it. Quinoa and buckwheat are alternatives that provide the carbs needed for active tennis champions.

The Andy Murray Gluten-Free Tennis Champion Diet

Dan Jessel writes:

Andy Murray had an amazing Asian season winning back to back titles this year and squeezing the No.3 Rank from the 16-times grand slam champion, Roger Federer. The Scot, after his Semifinal defeat in the US Open has changed his diet, which has effected him wake-up early in morning.

Andy Murray says that he has even more energy following five months of a gluten-free lifestyle…even admitting that he’s developed the new-found talent of waking up early.

The Scot says that he’s amazed by the energy he now has and says the sacrifices in eating habits are proving worthwhile on the court.

“I think there’s a bit of difference in my approach to training and the diet. I feel pretty fresh.

I slept seven and a half hours after playing both singles and doubles at Paris Bercy, where early starts can be the rule at a big indoor event, but still woke up feeling fresh. The diet has given me more energy.”

“I miss being able to pick up a menu and order what I want like bread when you’re waiting for your food to come in a restaurant. It can be quite frustrating when everyone else is dunking their bread in olive oil or smearing it in butter. It’s a bit of a pain not being able to have a regular yogurt, but it has been worth it.” Click here to visit the original source of this post

Djokovic lost weight since he started his new meal plan, but also feels that it has made him feel much better with a “sharper” game.

The Andy Murray gluten-free tennis champion diet is required for those with what is known as celiac disease. Doctors, however, do caution that removing gluten from your diet can lead to lacks in essential nutrients, and advise professional consultation and monitoring to anyone adopting this dietary adjustment. A well-balanced meal plan is essential for the gluten intolerant, and with the physical requirements an athlete needs to maintain, it’s a must to have expert help and oversight. With the rigorous impact of tennis tournaments and constant training regimens, and the resultant physical strain on the body, diet plays a major role in sustaining and repairing muscle stress and fatigue. No. 1 seed Djokovic, and now No. 3 seed Murray are finding the benefits an advantage.



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