Andy Murray Mindset Tips and Tennis Tactics

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor

Andy Murray Mindset Tips and Tennis Tactics

Andy Murray Mindset Tips and Tennis Tactics

Andy Murray mindset tips and tennis tactics include his insightful analysis of his opponents. To make ready for tennis tournaments, fitness, coaching, diet and mental preparedness are all in close considerations by the player and his team.

Murray also suggests that it’s a good thing to show your frustrations and to verbalize your feelings. Reflecting on Roger Federer’s calm, and level temperament, the Scot says for him it’s better to get it out, and acknowledges that he’s not perfect in his ways, but also brings out that some of his favorite footballers are men who vent their frustrations while playing their game, but also continue as great sportsmen and progressive athletes.

It’s all about channeling that energy into the game, and mastering the mental game of tennis, as well as controlling the inner frustrations and shortcomings that are inevitable. Mistakes will be made, but it’s a matter of minimizing them with the right mind training for tennis and to hone the actual performance skills of playing better tennis to weaken your rival’s game and assert that confidence and tennis mind power that wins games.

Martin Samuel captured some thoughts from Andy Murray in the article below:

Andy Murray Mindset Tips and Tennis Tactics

‘Like tennis, if you are prepared to sacrifice just a little more than your opponent, it will give you an advantage,’ he says. ‘If you’ve done the extra mile, you might have the better of him.

‘That is so important because you can prepare for a match and you think you know your opponent well, but then he comes out and does something completely different.’

‘Getting from 20 to five seems a bigger step than four to three, but the closer you are to top spot, the bigger the leap,’ Murray says. ‘It felt huge to move up this year because I knew it was such a significant improvement. It will be different the next time I get into a Grand Slam final.

‘In tennis, it is not the opponent you fear, it is the failure itself, knowing how near you were but just out of reach. I think I will be able to control my emotions better next time I am in that position; I feel mentally stronger, I feel comfortable.

On your own, you can get very intense. You ask what you need to do: is it my training, my team, my preparation? In reality, it is never usually the drastic stuff. It is more about having confidence in what you are doing: coaching, tactics, and the physical side.

‘Tennis is an individual sport and I am quite a self-conscious person,’ Murray admits. ‘There are 50,000 people watching, millions more at home, cameras everywhere and when something is happening that I don’t like, or things are not going well, I have always looked up to see the people who are there for me, who aren’t judging or criticizing me and I direct my frustration at them. Click here to visit the original source of this post

As the ATP World Tour Finals get under way in London, and as Andy Murray mindset tips and tennis tactics will be used for this final assault of 2011 tennis, Murray stands ready physically and mentally to give it his best shot. The world No. 3 seed, has recently bumped Roger Federer to No. 4, and continues to play to the best of his ability. With the vision and goal to continue climbing the ladder of tennis success, the fiery Scot remains an imminent threat to Djokovic, Nadal and Federer. It’s all about tennis mind training. Talent plays a major role, of course, but the mental game of tennis is a vital and important technique that Murray is fully aware of and will be concentrating on victory in his head as well as on the court.



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