Bernard Tomic Comments on Roger Federer Tennis

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr

After his recent defeat at the Australian Open, Bernard Tomic comments on Roger Federer tennis. The up and coming tennis star looked good in his matches leading up to his game with Federer, and his fans were pumped for supporting him through to victory, but that was not to happen.

Having copied Federer’s chip and being somewhat awe-struck by the 16 times grand slam champion, 19 year old Tomic says he has learned a lot from playing the current world No. 3, and says of Roger Federer, “I don’t think there will ever be as good of a player as him.”

Bernard Tomic Comments on Roger Federer Tennis

Speaking about his future in the game and acknowledgements to Federer, Tomic said:

I think, you know, it could be very soon. The next, year, year-and-a-half, if I improve my body and get stronger, I think I’ve done a great job of getting this physical.

I think I can get a lot more out of my body and, you know, I think it’s about a year-and-a-half I’m away from that group.

But I think until then I can play great tennis this year and have a good year, and I think, you know, take my ranking to a good spot this year.

Having played all the top four guys now and Roger twice, I think there is a lot for me in the future.

I’m always going to get better and better. You know, looking back a year I was not as good as now. And, you know, now looking back to next year, I’ll probably be even better.

That’s a scary part for me because I know I can improve a lot.

It’s good to play a player like that and a player who is as good as he is and for me one of the best who has played.

You learn a lot when you play him, and, you know, you just improve and see what he does and improve in your game.

It’s very good experience to play a player like that.

I don’t think there will ever be as good of a player as him.

I think you can only learn what he does and take in what you learned. Last time I learned a lot of things when I played him, and this time I learned even more.

For me, it’s a great pleasure and honour to play him. I think you learn a lot over the period when you play these top guys, top three or four guys. You can just only get better if you lose against him.

The harder I hit it, you know, the ball comes back in a different corner and ends up always being a winner.

It’s very strange. Never did experience my balls that I hit that hard to come back and to be a winner. It’s good to watch, I enjoy watching it.

Reading Bernard Tomic comments on Roger Federer tennis shows a young player with determination to improve his game and to learn from the very best on the court. Federer himself acknowledged Tomic after his win at the Australian Open as someone with a bright future in tennis.


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  1. Xavi says:

    Federer beat Sampras when Pistol Pete was at the fag end of his ceaerr. Had Sampras been at the height of his powers in a match against Federer, I’m pretty sure Pistol Pete would’ve won!

    • admin says:

      That may be so, and thanks for the feedback. However, that’s the way it goes in tennis. The old blood eventually gives way to the new.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment, but I do think that Federer brought an edge to tennis that changed the face of the sport. The “fag” end of the Pete Sampras career was met with pure brilliance from Federer that blew him off the court. I would disagree with your terminology, but glad you felt free to express yourself.

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