Tennis Lessons to Help Your Tactics and Strategies

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr Some of the best tennis lessons to help your tactics and strategies can come from the technical analysis derived from watching professional tennis players, and emulating what you see. All the superstars of the game have their own mentors and idols and they are often players that they […] Read more »

Does Having the Right Coach Make You a Better Tennis Player?

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor Does having the right coach make you a better tennis player? It would be foolish for any athlete to think championships can be won without the expertise and input of a coach. Good coaching can make or break even the very best, and although fully endowed with a […] Read more »

Tennis Techniques, Tactics and Passion for Winning Tournaments

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor The goals set out by winners are to achieve their best and to maintain that winning position as long as possible. This results in records broken, and a great deal of silverware on the shelves at home. Tennis techniques, tactics and passion for winning tournaments are clothed in […] Read more »

Wozniacki, Kvitova, Azarenka Tennis Technical and Tactical Skills

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor The display of professional tennis prowess at the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championship in Istanbul has drawn near-capacity crowds. Fans are being awed by the strategic play of the likes of Wozniacki, Kvitova, Azarenka tennis technical and tactical skills at their best. With the ability to apply focus […] Read more »