Health Benefits of Playing Tennis Can Make a Difference

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis Can Make a Difference

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis Can Make a Difference

Just take a look at tennis players, especially professionals, and what you see are athletes in the peak of health. Obviously, the health benefits of playing tennis can make a difference and it’s definitely an example of a sport that burns a lot of calories, and requires a balanced diet, appropriate training and exercise.

This can be said of a lot of sports, but tennis requires you to be focused 100% of the time, and the constant running, moving, twisting, jumping, stopping and starting takes an enormous amount of effort and energy. You have little time to rest, and, in some top-level tournaments, the competitors may be virtually on their feet for several hours.

In most other sports you have stops and starts that allow for moments of reprieve to catch your breath or perhaps the play is at the other end of the field for several minutes at a time, but with tennis it’s full on and non-stop exertion of energy.

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis Can Make a Difference

Doug Lamartin writes:

With the New Year approaching, it is time for resolutions. After splurging at the dinner table during the holidays, many people vow to lose weight. As we all know, a successful program is based on moving more and eating less, but the key to success is discipline and motivation. Sticking to a program is tough if it isn’t fun. That’s why tennis can make a difference.

Whether it is the sense of community, or the attraction of competition, tennis can provide that spark of excitement and feeling of achievement to keep players returning for more. Consider the numbers. Tennis burns calories. uses a formula from Emory University to calculate how many calories are burned based on weight. For instance a 165-pound man can burn 455 calories an hour playing singles. Doubles, of course, is a bit easier, all the way around, and the same man can burn 315 calories an hour. A 200-pounder will burn calories even faster.

Years ago the best meal for a tennis match was steak and pasta. Today, professional athletes have learned to eat better. Look at tour pro Mardy Fish’s performance last year. After losing 30 pounds, through a diet heavy in fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grains, he had his best year ever. Nutritional experts emphasize the importance of a balanced diet, with plenty of vitamins and minerals from natural sources.

In an interesting new development, Billy Jean King, the former tennis champion, joined the Arthritis Foundation during the U. S. Open this year to encourage sufferers of osteoarthritis to keep moving.

“If you have arthritis like me, you know that sometimes the pain can feel unmanageable,” King said. ”But I am here to tell you there are ways to manage it. The key is to keep moving and take part in some form of physical activity every day.”

She recommends exercise and activity to help relieve arthritis pain, and in some cases, even delay the onset of the symptoms.

“Exercise has worked for me,” King said. ”I have had osteoarthritis – the most common form of arthritis that breaks down the cartilage in your joints – since I had my first knee operation in my 20s. I know the years I spent playing tennis helped to manage my pain and extend the longevity of my knees”. Click here to visit the original source of this post

The health benefits of playing tennis can make a difference, and if you’re looking to take up a sport that include social interaction, as well as tremendous physical fitness aspects, then tennis may just be the game for you. The physique of Roger Federer is not one of bulging biceps or massive leg muscles. This is a lean and mean tennis machine with the characteristics that work for the sport. Much the same as Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, to name a few, these athletes carry little to no excess weight and are sculpted by the fitness and diet regimens required to optimize for best results.

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