How Andy Murray Prepares for Big Tennis Matches

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor

How Andy Murray Prepares for Big Tennis Matches

How Andy Murray Prepares for Big Tennis Matches

The goal for all tennis players is to stay healthy, and to keep on top of physical fitness, as well as the all-important preparedness of the mental game. How Andy Murray prepares for big tennis matches starts by taking good care of himself, and addressing any niggles that may need immediate attention.

Setting goals is critical and tennis is no exception. Murray set his sights on the number one position in world tennis rankings, and although that was not achieved in 2011, he acknowledges improvements in his game. Now No. 3 in the WTA rankings, this equates to progress for the Scot.

The 24 year old prepares by concentrating on his own particular playing style to win, and not comparing himself to his competitors or how they play the game.

Murray has said that, ”I just need to get better. I’ve won against Roger and Rafa before quite a few times, I’ve won against Novak quite a few times. Every year our tennis gets better. I feel like tennis has gone to a different level physically. And in terms of the standard, even in comparison with two years ago, I feel like players are quicker. I feel like they’re hitting the ball harder. I feel like everyone has improved a lot.”

Indicating the changing and heightened level of world class tennis, in the following interview, Andy Murray points out his goals and adjustments he has made in his game:

How Andy Murray Prepares For Big Tennis Matches

“I’ve never finished above number four so if I could finish this year at number three that would be a progression for me and that was something I set myself to do.”

“It’s not the ultimate goal, I can’t pretend it means everything to me, but for the past two or three months I wanted to set some goals and I wanted to win at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals and finish number three or number two in the rankings if I could.”

Murray has his sights set on collecting some more silverware in his final three tournaments of the year, and he said he feels in good shape despite a demanding year.

“Someone like Novak (Djokovic) will tell you, when you’ve got momentum you want to keep playing,” Murray said.

“Right now I feel better than I did at this stage last year.”

“My body has held up better and that’s something that I need to try and keep going for the next few years because it’ll hopefully add a year or two onto the end of my career if I can look after my body well like someone like Roger (Federer) has done.”

“I’ve played well. At this stage of the season everybody has niggles and things you have to stay on top of, so you can’t expect to be 100 percent fit. But I played some more matches out in Asia and that always helps when you’re match fit.” Click here to visit the original source of this post

Murray’s respect for his worthy opponents is evident and indicates his studies and analysis of play amongst the world’s best tennis playing peers, and how Andy Murray prepares for big tennis matches is to continue as an individual playing his own game and continuously securing his place on the international scene. His plans for longevity in the game are evident in his future vision and goal setting ambitions to achieve to the best of his ability—intact.



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