How to Play Tennis as a Beginner: A Personal Look

Written by Senior Editor Peter Gehr

How to Play Tennis

How to Play Tennis

If you know someone who would like to learn how to play tennis as a beginner, or are just starting out as a tennis player yourself, I’ve researched a particular video instruction series that I thought would be worth looking into. After going over the reviews and testimonials I’m recommending this to you, and any visitor that comes to my website.

Tennis is such a great game to keep you in shape, and to open up numerous doors socially as well. Clubs and events pull people together and communities and children often benefit from both the activity of the game, and the gathering of like-minded people. Furthermore, who knows where the next tennis champion will arise from!

The author of the following review expounds on the contents of the video series I have researched, and gives a thorough rundown on all aspects for your consideration:

Tomaz Mencinger: How to Play Tennis as a Beginner

How To Play Tennis From The Baseline

With the help of 7 videos you will learn how to find a forehand grip and how to start playing mini tennis in the first minute. Tomaz explains why mini tennis is a great way to speed up your learning process. He will show you how to follow through properly.

The videos will guide you through the process of developing a stroke that comes naturally to you so that your movement is not mechanical. The backhand videos teach you which type of backhand (one-handed or two-handed) you should be playing and the correct grips for both types.

How To Serve and Return

In the program Tomaz explains to the viewers that the serve is a complex stroke, and it will take a while to learn. He further says that due to the complexity of the stroke there a lot of wrong techniques that you could develop and they may become a habit.

With “How To Play Tennis” videos, you learn the right way to serve and lay a foundation for serves that are more accurate topspin and slice serves and faster. The videos will show you how to coordinate both the arms in a natural way when hitting the ball.

How To Play Tennis At The Net

This has valuable information for tennis beginners who can serve and play from the baseline with some consistency but feel their game at the net needs much improvement.

From this book you can learn how to prepare for the volley in a quick and simple way, how to react faster at the net and play your first volleys with control, despite of the fact you don’t have a lot of feel at this stage.

How To Play Tennis from the Baseline includes 8 videos for forehand tennis lessons and 8 videos for backhand. How To Serve and Return package includes 6 videos for serve lessons and 6 for return lessons. How To Play Tennis at the Net includes 7 videos for volley lessons and 4 for overhead tennis lessons. (Original article here)

The reviewer above has done a great job of breaking down the contents and benefits of Tomaz Mencinger’s How to Play Tennis as a Beginner.

If you’d like more information on how to play tennis as a beginner, click here, or click on the image below.

How to play tennis as a beginner

How to play tennis as a beginner


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