Ivan Lendl Coaching Andy Murray to Improve Mental Tennis and Physical Fitness

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr

The top three men’s tennis champions are probably the best players of all time, and it’s difficult to penetrate that mastery and experience, but Ivan Lendl coaching Andy Murray to improve mental tennis and physical fitness may see the Scot break through that mental and physical barrier. Furthermore, the new up-coming tennis stars made their mark on the court during the Australian Open, by showing the world that in case you were wondering if new talent was available—then just give a little more time, and training and these huge threats to the current champions will challenge their rankings.

Names such as Berdych, Tomic, Nishikori, Tsonga and Harrison are the new blood in the ranks that are bursting with talent, and just need a little more experience and time on the court to display their greatness.

Ivan Lendl Coaching Andy Murray to Improve Mental Tennis and Physical Fitness

Andy Murray has already improved under the tutelage of Ivan Lendl. Mentally, he was able to better deal with his frustration during the first rounds and played with will and authority. On returns, he’s more inside the court and is keen on attacking his opponent. He’s remaining on the baseline more too and doesn’t get pushed back, even when he’s in trouble.

All this pairing needs is time. Lendl is probably more in a position of observation so far and the coaching will come later. Like Roger Federer, Andy dropped physically in his semifinal. Knowing how professional and addicted to work Lendl is, there is no doubt that he will work on this fitness matter in the coming months. After that, the sky’s the limit in Grand Slams.

To end the talk about this “big four,” it has to be noticed that those players are very close from each other. We’re probably witnessing the most intense top four in all of tennis history. So it’s tough for the other members of the top 10 to come into this close circle. It’s also interesting to point that this top 3 is even more tense because of some incompatibilities of their games: Novak Djokovic dominates Rafael Nadal who dominates Federer who is an issue for Nole.

– Tomas Berdych is improving, despite that loss to Nadal in Melbourne.

– Juan Martin Del Potro, who is back into the Top 10, will go on in climbing the ranking even if, for now, he lacks footwork and confidence against the top players.

– Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is always very dangerous but looks stuck at a certain level at the moment. He needs to find a new start by hiring a coach.

— This Australian Open allowed us to discover some of the next big things. Bernard Tomic, the Australian, achieved much in this tournament and showed how in control he was, how gifted he was to cover his ground, how smart he was and how able he was to constantly change the pace.

— American Ryan Harrison took a set off Andy Murray with a very offensive tennis, helped by a good serve and a tendency to go to the net.

— Kei Nishikori from Japan is now a top-20 player. He entertained us with his efficient backhand when played crossed or down the line, his speed, his ability to take the ball early or to turn around his backhand.

— We were waiting for Milos Raonic, the Canadian. He was stopped by Lleyton Hewitt but there is no doubt that this amazing serve and his ability to be offensive will bring him high in the majors.

— Alexandr Dolgopolov was the revelation of the event. He’s a player who’s able to speed up the game in a brutal way but also owns a very special chop on his backhand. Click here to visit the original source of this post

Seeing Ivan Lendl coaching Andy Murray to improve mental tennis and physical fitness may be one of the most immediate and powerful threats to the top 3, and we shall see if Murray’s new coach combination is enough to topple and penetrate the monopoly Djokovic, Nadal and Federer have on these coveted positions in men’s tennis.


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