Maria Sharapova Tennis Grunt Grumble Back in the Press

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr

Maria Sharapova Tennis Grunt Grumble Back in the Press

Maria Sharapova Tennis Grunt Grumble Back in the Press

With the Maria Sharapova tennis grunt grumble back in the press, it makes me wonder what the real beef is since it has been part of her game since she was a child? With the world No. 4 playing some of her best tennis in years, I say watch the game, and enjoy the athlete’s ability, rather than criticize her shrieks and grunts. If that’s what works for her, then let it go.

Besides, there are a lot of others who naturally grunt when playing tennis, and both the men and women are heard on court with their signature sounds.

The exertion that’s required to play at the top levels of tennis is enough to make anyone grunt. Consider baseball, basketball, football or soccer where the unbelievable ear-piercing crowds are so loud that you can barely hear yourself think. We put up with high decibel crowd roars and don’t think anything of it, so what’s the beef about a grunt from a tennis player pushing their body to perform at peak for sometimes 3-5 hours non-stop?

Maria Sharapova Tennis Grunt Grumble Back in the Press

Nadia Kamil expresses her insights for The Guardian (UK)

A major tennis tournament will inevitably get critics talking about grunting. With the Australian Open in full swing, the critics are shouting out once more. As a tennis fan, it’s not something that has ever really bothered me. The constant debating of it in the press, however, does. I make a noise when I play tennis; not when I strike the ball, but when I see it limp into the net, and I then loudly declare myself a twat

The fury around grunting only really crops up on the women’s side of the game. The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is looking into “reducing excessive grunting” by teaching players not to do it at a young age. No such action has been considered by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) as, apparently, no one gives a fig about Rafa Nadal wheezing his classic “HUH-Uhhhhhhhhhh” through every heavy-hitting rally he plays, or our own Andrew Murray sounding like he’s struggling through a particularly exhausting orgasm that he never quite reaches.

These players don’t just start grunting at some point in their career, or even during a match. It’s a physical response that they’ve developed with their game. Have you tried adding a grunt to improve your game? I did once, and I ended up having to apologize to the playgroup next to the court I was on as I called myself a twat considerably more than usual. Sharapova makes this point more clearly: “You’ve watched me grow up, you’ve watched me play tennis. I’ve been the same over the course of my career.” It’s not a tactic, it’s a style. Click here to visit the original source of this post

Maria Sharapova tennis grunt grumble back in the press, but I think it’s time to get over it and put all reporting energies into the fabulous tennis we are seeing displayed on court at the Australian Open. These athletes performing their best to achieve results are often absolutely mind-blowing. Some of the rallies being played have been nothing short of staggering. Therefore, I say enjoy what’s unfolding rather than focusing in on grunts and shrieks—which, in my opinion, add to the excitement and drama on the court.


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