McIlroy Dating Wozniacki: Are Tennis & Golf Stars Uniting?

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr

McIlroy dating Wozniacki: are tennis & golf stars uniting? Do golfers like tennis? Or, is it tennis players who like golf? There are obvious similarities, and because of the social circles mixing together, there’s bound to be some dating and marriages happening across the court, or course. Is it looking like the current world No.1 golfer Rory McIlroy and current world No.4 in women’s singles tennis Caroline Wozniacki are about to declare game, set, and “match”—or is it just me?

With McIlroy having fun with Sharapova vs Wozniacki at the recent BNP Paribas Open in New York where he took to the court to have a few hits against the world No.2 Sharapova, and now he shows up at the Indian Wells tournament. It’s starting to look like we might see a veil on Wozniacki’s head, McIlroy negotiating the aisle, and the sound of wedding bells may fill the air before too long—don’t you think?

McIlroy Dating Wozniacki: Are Tennis & Golf Stars Uniting?

Tennis & Golf, McIlroy & Wozniacki: Top Sports Stars Uniting?

Tennis & Golf, McIlroy & Wozniacki: Top Sports Stars Uniting? Photo by J Servat

The McIlroy-Wozniacki pairing is hardly the first time golf and tennis have crossed paths, or the first time players from the two sports have dated. In fact, in this year’s BNP Paribas field is Ana Ivanovic, who has been dating Australian golfer Adam Scott for some time.

And of course there is the most famous of pairings in recent years between two of the legends of their respective sports. Greg Norman and Chris Evert began dating and eventually married. The marriage, unfortunately, didn’t last, but for a while Norman and Evert were among the all-time sports power couples. Whether McIlroy and Wozniacki ever will reach the level of the Norman-Evert marriage is anyone’s guess.

But dating and marriage is just part of the crossover appeal of golf and tennis. It’s well known that Jack Nicklaus, perhaps the greatest golfer of all time, has always been a tennis enthusiast.

But it is tennis players who seem to enjoy getting away to the golf course more than the other way around. That may not be any truer than it is at the BNP Paribas Open.

Before the Indian Wells Tennis Garden opened, the tournament was held at a very good tennis facility surrounded by the Indian Wells Golf Resort. It certainly was no secret that some players such as Boris Becker spent more time on the two golf courses at the resort than he did on the practice courts.

The comparisons between the two games are obvious. For a left-handed tennis player, the right-handed golf swing almost perfectly mimics the left-handed backhand stroke. Both games require a high degree of hand-eye coordination. Both games are very difficult to master, even for the top professionals.

So golf, tennis and the desert go hand-in-hand this week just like the desert and warm temperatures and blue skies. Or maybe like Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki. Click here to visit the original source of this post

McIlroy dating Wozniacki: are tennis & golf stars uniting? Ok, so it’s a little bit of “goss” and I digress from scores, performance, tennis strategies and techniques, but it looks to me like this couple are in serious courtship, and the merger of sports heroes is sometimes like a royal union, and their subjects look on in adoration and expectation. Time will soon tell as to whether my inclinations are correct in assuming that they will wed, and it’s probably a no-brainer that we were all expecting. Right?


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  1. Romy Macias says:

    This happens in the arts as well: writers with dancers, for example.
    It’s only natural.
    Good post!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yes this is a little bit of Gossip but the world seems obsessed with stalking the private lives of those we have created as heros..and it will be like a royal union…always amazes me.

    • admin says:

      Too true. This obsession is growing continually, and hats off to those who have to endure that sort of scrutiny and exposure. Thanks for your comment.

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