Novak Djokovic Tennis: Tournament Tough All the Time

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor

Novak Djokovic Tennis: Tournament Tough All the Time

Novak Djokovic Tennis: Tournament Tough All the Time Photo by J Servat

The constant reminder that new players are chomping at the bit to make their mark in pro tennis urges the top seeded players to continuously hone their skills and develop their game. It appears a fitting motto for the current No. 1 seed to be, Novak Djokovic tennis: tournament tough all the time. The fun-loving tennis champion may ham it up with pre-game antics, but once it’s all-jokes-aside, it’s game on with full-attention and absolute focus.

The super-Serb delivers his super-serve with total attention to every detail of his game, and you can rest assured that the inner game of tennis is being played out in his mind and on the court.

The following insights show the respect and acknowledged threats he sees in his opponents who all possess the ability to outperform him if he lets them:

Novak Djokovic Tennis: Tournament Tough All the Time

“I don’t feel unbeatable and I don’t think anybody is. It’s just a matter of the right momentum, the confidence you are building up,” he said the other day. “Sometimes you see the ball as a watermelon. You feel so good on the court. You trust every shot that you have. I guess every top player has experienced that and has experienced the bad times as well.”

Yes, Nole has had bad times. The climb to the top was harder than he expected it to be. Rafa proved a tough nut to crack. And Old Man Roger, surprisingly, didn’t peter out after that 2008 Oz Open semifinal but just kept rolling along.

Some pundits are saying there’s no way Nadal can beat the new Djokovic, but Novak knows that’s ridiculous. He knows that all of the other three players in the Top Four have what it takes to oust him any time. And he knows guys like Robin Soderling, Tomas Berdych, Juan Martin del Potro, Jo-Willie Tsonga, Mardy Fish and Milos Raonic have the skills to knock him down when they’re playing their very best.

Djokovic has won three of the last four majors, and he’s looked almost invincible this year. But he recognizes that professional tennis players come to terms with, and adjust to, new realities quickly. The Federers and Pete Samprases, guys who can stay at the top of the mountain for half a dozen years, are rare. He wants to be one of those rare champions, and he understands he has a lot of work to do to get there. Click here to visit the original source of this post

Djokovic’s awareness of the mental game and consistent competitive edge, the Serbian shows signs of further domination in 2012. After recovering from his recent back injury, the Djoker is back in fine form, health and fitness ready. With Novak Djokovic tennis: tournament tough all the time we shall see much more of this fine athlete as he strives to hold his coveted No. 1 position in world tennis.


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