What Tennis Players Do to Measure Their Serve and Improve Their Game

Have you ever wondered if it would be possible to measure your serve like a professional tennis player?

If you were able to measure just how fast you were serving, it would help you make improvements to your game and become a better player, right?

I’ve done some research and read reviews on a fantastic tool that can record the speed of your tennis serve with amazing accuracy. Finally you can take the guesswork out of whether or not you’re delivering a smashing tennis serve, and you are able to adjust and train accordingly to develop a powerful serve that you know is going to be a winner.

With a pocket sized personal speed radar you can have:

  • The world’s smallest radar gun is a handy tool for coaches, athletes, and spectators alike
  • Innovative technology allows you to measure speed of anything from a fastball to a race car with remarkable accuracy, to +/- one mph
  • Simple one-button operation is intuitive and user friendly, and unit powers up in less than one second
Pocket Radar

Pocket Radar

Athletes, coaches, trainers and even spectators are taking advantage of the multiple uses the Personal Speed Radar provides, and with the ability to measure ball speed, it is really helping them develop training methods to aid in perfecting the right swing and motion to deliver that smashing winning tennis serve.

One review stated, “…I came across a police car doing speed checks on the access road. We ran checks between his laser unit and this one – all readings were either dead on or only 1MPH difference…” can you imagine how useful this is going to be for training!?

For some strange reason, Pocket Radar are offering a discount of $50 through Amazon for only $199.

I can’t believe they’ll keep the price this low, but as of today, you can get it through my affiliate link today for what I would consider a real bargain!

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