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Tennis Daily News Senior Editor Peter Gehr

Tennis Daily News Senior Editor Peter Gehr

As Senior Executive Editor for Tennis Daily News it is my goal to provide quality news, tips, techniques and daily updates on the world of tennis.

As a professional writer and editor for over twenty years, (and my recent involvement with Internet Marketing), I bring my passion for life into the sports news arena.

Photography is also one of my hobbies, and I’ve had some of my photos published on book covers, CD covers and calendars, but it’s usually just for fun.

Being an active person who loves the outdoors, I spend as much time as I can surfing and/or hiking in various countries around the world including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, The Philippines, Korea, China, Canada and the USA.

As a sports writer and Internet Marketer, tennis has always been one of the great sports to me, and it’s a privilege for me to be involved in writing about and following the progression of the athletes involved and the many exciting tournaments of each season.

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