How To Win Tennis Matches Mentally

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr How to win tennis matches mentally was played out at the Paris Masters 2012 where Sam Querrey defeated Novak Djokovic in a surprise crowd-pleasing outcome. The world no. 2 in ATP ranking, donned with a Darth Vader helmet strutted out onto the court with a confident air of […] Read more »

Women Tennis Players: Tennis Rankings

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor For the world-class women tennis players, the times they are a-changing. Both Serena and Venus Williams have gone through time-out due to injuries and this has resulted in a drop in their rankings, to say the least. After returning from an injury that put her away from tennis […] Read more »

Federer Now in Fourth Position in ATP Tennis Rankings

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor Andy Murray dominates the Asian Masters in his third win in Shanghai. This now puts him in third place in the ATP tennis rankings. Consequently, this pushes long-time top seed Roger Federer further down the list of top tennis players. Murray has been in fine form, and in […] Read more »