Who is Number 1 in Men’s Tennis?

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr Who is number 1 in men’s tennis you ask? Well, at the moment, Novak Djokovic rules the ATP rankings, and although the Serb sensation has scored the necessary points, it appears that he has yet to win the hearts of the tennis fans when it comes to winsome […] Read more »

Rafael Nadal Fitness Regime: Tennis Exercise for Endurance

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr There is something to be said for the Rafael Nadal fitness regime: tennis exercise for endurance, and it’s evident that this level of physical conditioning has proven an advantage for Nadal and his ability to play explosive tennis for hours at a time. Of course, he hasn’t always […] Read more »

Facebook Fans 10 Million Strong for Tennis Stars Federer & Nadal

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr With their continued popularity on the court and the ever-rising power of Social Media, Facebook fans 10 million strong for tennis stars Federer & Nadal. In keeping with the one-take format of Facebook, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal post updates on their games, personal comments, bad hair day […] Read more »

Roger Federer: Confident, Controlled, Aggressive Tennis Wins in Dubai

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr Roger Federer: confident, controlled, aggressive tennis wins in Dubai. The Swiss tennis star now carries another trophy to add to his shelf, and having closed the 2011 season with confidence, he claims that confidence boost that winners achieve in mega doses. Defeating Andy Murray in the final at […] Read more »

Tennis Exercise Routines: 5 Tips to Keep You Fit to Win

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr These tennis exercise routines: 5 tips to keep you fit to win, incorporate a well-planned regimen to boost your performance and give you an overall system to help you maintain a high level of fitness. Not every athlete is going to have the luxury of a personal trainer […] Read more »

Ivan Lendl Coaching Andy Murray to Improve Mental Tennis and Physical Fitness

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr The top three men’s tennis champions are probably the best players of all time, and it’s difficult to penetrate that mastery and experience, but Ivan Lendl coaching Andy Murray to improve mental tennis and physical fitness may see the Scot break through that mental and physical barrier. Furthermore, […] Read more »

Djokovic Nadal Federer: Tennis Star’s Foundations Supporting Children in Need

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor In the true spirit of the Christmas season, Djokovic, Nadal, Federer: Tennis star’s foundations supporting children in need have come to the fore to help children in various countries both in their local homelands and around the world. Noles, Rafa, and Fed are all very active in their […] Read more »

Djokovic Diet Plan Tennis Serve and Tactics a Winner for 2011

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor Djokovic diet plan tennis serve and tactics a winner for 2011. Considering the year in its entirety, Novak Djokovic achieved some amazing results. One can emulate all aspects of the Serb’s strategy, and whether is includes the gluten-free diet may or may not make a difference to your […] Read more »

Tennis Techniques, Tactics and Passion for Winning Tournaments

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor The goals set out by winners are to achieve their best and to maintain that winning position as long as possible. This results in records broken, and a great deal of silverware on the shelves at home. Tennis techniques, tactics and passion for winning tournaments are clothed in […] Read more »

How to Win a Grand Slam Tennis Tournament

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor If you had the opportunity to ask one question to the contestants of the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals what would it be? How to win a grand slam tennis tournament? How do you prepare mentally for such an important competition? Or, what sort of training do you […] Read more »