Maria Sharapova Yoga For Tennis Players (Video)

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr Maria Sharapova yoga for tennis players is a vital piece of information for both aspiring tennis enthusiasts and professionals. Having started yoga in her teens, Sharapova has greatly benefited from the stretching, mental calm, and fitness techniques of yoga to apply to her mind tennis when playing in […] Read more »

Tennis Exercise Routines: 5 Tips to Keep You Fit to Win

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr These tennis exercise routines: 5 tips to keep you fit to win, incorporate a well-planned regimen to boost your performance and give you an overall system to help you maintain a high level of fitness. Not every athlete is going to have the luxury of a personal trainer […] Read more »

Maria Sharapova Engaged in Foundation to Help Children

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr More than just a top seeded women’s tennis player and fashion designer, Maria Sharapova engaged in foundation to help children. Her main focus is sports based scholarships to help kids directly affected by the Chernobyl disaster in Belarus. Sharapova has donated large sums of money towards this project, […] Read more »

Maria Sharapova Design Fashion Statement a Tag Heuer Winner

Written by Contributing Editor Beverly Philips Maria Sharapova is more than just a world class tennis star. The 24 year old Grand Slam title holder pays very close attention to detail, and that includes her look. Her sponsorships from top brands have partnered her with influential fashion designers and opened doors for the Russian superstar […] Read more »

Tennis: Australian Open Prize Money Men and Women Equal Pay. Is that Fair Play?

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr Now that the first of the grand slam tournaments for 2012 has completed, there’s mumbling in the media about tennis: Australian Open prize money men and women equal pay. Is that Fair Play? Comparisons are being made between the differences between the men’s singles final, and the women’s […] Read more »

Maria Sharapova Hot Tennis Pictures and Popular Tennis Star

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor Maria Sharapova hot tennis pictures and popular tennis star are not the only thing that’s hot about the world No. 4. Sharapova will be playing in Paris in February to a stadium full of fans for the Open GDF Suez. Maria Sharapova tennis player sensation is set to […] Read more »

Will Caroline Wozniacki Remain at No. 1 for 2011?

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor There’s a lot of attention focused on the WTA rankings as number one seed, Caroline Wozniacki, prepares for the final tournament in women’s tennis for 2011. Wozniacki will play on a hard court in Istanbul with a challenge that will bring some excitement and quality tennis to the […] Read more »