Tennis Exercise Routines: 5 Tips to Keep You Fit to Win

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr

These tennis exercise routines: 5 tips to keep you fit to win, incorporate a well-planned regimen to boost your performance and give you an overall system to help you maintain a high level of fitness. Not every athlete is going to have the luxury of a personal trainer or coach, or even if you do, this list will help you review the program you are on to refresh your current routine.

Exercise is essential to your athletic success and overall well-being. In fact, whether or not you are a tennis player but rather a spectator, this is just as important for you. Numerous exercise systems are available, and each professing to be better than the other and this can be confusing and debatable at the best of times. However, the following fundamentals are a given and point to the foundations of cardiovascular endurance that all athletes seek.

Tennis Exercise Routines: 5 Tips to Keep You Fit to Win

Tennis Exercise Routines: 5 Tips to Keep You Fit to Win

Tennis Exercise Routines: 5 Tips to Keep You Fit to Win

Tip 1: Choose Cardio You Enjoy. It sounds simple, but many people get caught in the trap of believing that a certain type of cardio activity is “better” than the others at burning calories, working muscles, and improving health. If you try to do an activity you do not enjoy, however, you’ll find yourself dreading your workout, and we all know what that means: You won’t do it. In fact, you will probably have a thousand and one perfectly good reasons (i.e., excuses) as to why you can’t work out today.

Tip 2: Keep Moving! Now that you’re excited to go to the gym and get on the elliptical machine, you need to make sure you’re doing the right amount of cardio activity. Three to five days a week, you need to keep moving for at least twenty to thirty minutes to reap the health benefits of moderate cardiovascular exercise. If you don’t have a thirty-minute chunk of time, fit in three ten-minute chunks over the day – whatever works for your schedule is fine, as long as it adds up to about thirty minutes by the time you crawl into bed. It takes twenty minutes for your muscles to exhaust their supply of ready fuel and tap into stored sources, such as body fat. When they do that, you will be better placed to lose weight and improve your general overall health.

Tip 3: Mix It Up! Once you’ve found an activity you enjoy, it can be tempting to settle in a routine so familiar that you zone out completely. Of course you can read a magazine or listen to music while you exercise, but if you find yourself paying more attention to the distraction than to how your muscles are working, you won’t garner the full benefits of the exercise. Also, as you become a more regular exerciser, your body will adapt to the routine and it will grow less effective at burning calories and challenging your cardiovascular system. There are two great ways to remedy this boredom:

Tip 4: Schedule Your Workouts. Write your workouts into your planner in pen, just as you would any activity, and stick to it. You have a jam-packed schedule – we all do! – But if you make exercise a priority, you’ll find that it is easier to stick with and you get better results. Find a time that works for you and set it aside for exercise. If you can, try exercising first thing in the morning. Studies have shown that early-bird exercisers are more likely to stick with a routine because they get it out of the way before any unexpected events can throw them off track. If you’re a night owl, though, you may prefer to workout in the evening; or you may only have time to run to the gym over your lunch break. As long as the time you choose fits your schedule, it’s the right time to exercise.

Tip 5: After All That, Have Fun! Yes, exercise can be fun! Watch the kids playing in the park after school: They’re running, jumping, turning cartwheels, and having a great time. Cardio need not keep you tethered to a boring machine in the gym. Once a week, meet friends for a friendly game of tennis. Take your kids to the playground and play tag or Frisbee. Indulge your inner child by jumping rope in your back yard (one of the best calorie-burning exercises around, in fact – why do you think boxers train by jumping?). Plan your regular workouts, but every so often, skip the gym and just go play outside. Your body will thank you with renewed energy and excitement for exercise the next time you hop on the treadmill. Work hard, play hard, and get the maximum results of feeling and looking great! Click here to visit the original source of this post

Following the plan of these tennis exercise routines: 5 tips to keep you fit to win, will help you reach your goals. Every tennis player, whether a beginner or a professional wants to use methods that are achievable and enjoyable. Of course, perhaps not all exercise can be “enjoyable” but the result of your determination to become what you need to be will override any of the negative or less pleasant exercises. There will be pain, but no pain, no gain. In order to emulate the level of prowess as Federer, Sharapova, Nadal, Azarenka, Djokovic, Kvitova and more, you will be aware of the constant and consistent exercise systems these tennis stars keep.


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