Tennis Latest News: Andy Murray Bans Tweeting During Tennis tournaments

Written by Peter Gehr Senior Tennis Editor

Andy Murray Bans Tweeting During Tennis Tournaments

Andy Murray Bans Tweeting During Tennis Tournaments

Tennis latest news reveals that Tweeting may hinder your performance. At least Andy Murray thinks it does and he has put his foot down and banned all Tweeting during his all-important tennis matches.

Twitter will be on the back burner for the world #3 as he prepares to continue his winning streak and focus on his game without distraction. Rumor has it that Roger Federer doesn’t even have a Twitter account, but has several million followers on Facebook. On the other hand, both Djocovic and Nadal use Twitter extensively.

Critics on both sides of the social networking court say there are good and bad aspects of these sites, and one particular study points out the possibility of depression related behavior after participating online, as well as the drop in the ability to fully concentrate.

Perhaps this is what Andy Murray is inadvertently referring to in the report below?

Tennis Latest News: Andy Murray Bans Tweeting During Tennis Tournaments

“The Scot has stopped tweeting, after his defeat in the 2011 US Open semifinals against Rafael Nadal, sending out his last message on September 11. After a span of 1-month, Murray believes that the verdict has helped him to improve his game.

World No.3, Murray while speaking with the various sources has stated that I just stopped doing it and I’m not missing it to be honest and also said that, “It was fun for a while but I just stopped and surprisingly I haven’t lost a match since I stopped tweeting.

He also added that, “Tennis players and all sportsmen are pretty superstitious, so I blame my US Open loss on Tweeting!””

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Whether or not it is fair to say that Twitter is to blame for Murray’s loss to Rafael Nadal at the US Open is debatable, but let’s see what happens in the ensuing months as to whether this line of thinking has any merit–at least to Murray.

Since these comments hit the tennis latest news scene, we thought to add our 2 cents to the equation.


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