Will Petra Kvitova Reach the Top in WTA Rankings?

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr

Will Petra Kvitova Reach the Top in WTA Rankings?

Will Petra Kvitova Reach the Top in WTA Rankings? Photo by J Servat

The question on the lips of a lot of tennis is: will Petra Kvitova reach the top in WTA rankings? I think it’s more a matter of time, and perhaps even a no-brainer that Kvitova will claim the prized No. 1 position in women’s tennis. With the amount of competition vying to play better tennis to outdo one another, no more is this on the minds of women tennis champions in Australia at the moment.

With the Australian Open 2012 looming, we shall see some very competitive tennis as emotions, fitness levels, and inner confidence is at a peak for the contestants.

Will Petra Kvitova Reach the Top in WTA Rankings?

Humble champion Petra Kvitova says talk of her displacing Caroline Wozniacki as the world’s top-ranked player this week is premature and “crazy”.

The Wimbledon winner and ITF player of 2011 today confessed to being somewhat tired of discussing hypotheticals and was more intent on fine-tuning her impressive big game for next week’s Australian Open.

“I’m still hearing this question about the first position in WTA,” Kvitova said.

“And, yeah, sometimes it’s really crazy. I don’t know what I have to answer all the time, but what I still say is that I’m not really focused on the first spot.”

The cold, hard fact of the matter is that Kvitova will arrive at Melbourne Park as world No.1 – but still second seed – if she wins the Sydney International at her first attempt.

But with nine of the world’s top 10 players vying for the title this week, the 21-year-old Czech isn’t counting her chickens.

“I mean, it’s (like) the final rounds of a grand slam, so it’s not easy to win these matches and this tournament,” Kvitova said.

“So it’s only words.”

A quietly-spoken girl-next-door type of character said while her world had changed dramatically since her Wimbledon breakthrough, she only “sometimes” enjoys the spotlight.

“Sometimes there are too many things to do,” she said.

In a promoter’s dream, Kvitova would play Wozniacki in Friday night’s final for the top ranking in a rematch of their Hopman Cup clash last week which the Czech won in three sets.

Although the match was essentially a non-sanctioned exhibition encounter, Kvitova still drew confidence from her victory.

“Both of us wanted to win, so it was normal match, but it was not normal tournament,” Kvitova said.

“I’m happy that I won.” Click here to visit the original source of this post

In the upcoming Australian Open will Petra Kvitova reach the top in WTA rankings? Well, it’s quite possible and probable, but unless I get out my crystal ball we can only opinionate and speculate and that’s part of the fun, but with the way the Czech has been playing at the close of 2011, and how things are shaping up for her in 2012, it may very well be a given for her to be the next No. 1 in women’s tennis.

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