How To Win Tennis Matches Mentally

Written by Senior Tennis Editor Peter Gehr

How to Win Tennis Matches Mentally. Sam Querrey

How to Win Tennis Matches Mentally. Sam Querrey Photo compliments of Wikipedia

How to win tennis matches mentally was played out at the Paris Masters 2012 where Sam Querrey defeated Novak Djokovic in a surprise crowd-pleasing outcome. The world no. 2 in ATP ranking, donned with a Darth Vader helmet strutted out onto the court with a confident air of supremacy. Djokovic’s assertive entrance was “a little embarrassing” for Querrey who fell short in the first set dominated by the Serb who won in just over 20 minutes.

With a final outcome of 0-6, 7-6, 6-4, the American world number 46 in ATP ranking was the upset of the day for tennis daily news.

Querrey has only recently broken into the top 100 rank after making it to the 3rd round in the Australian Open.

For Djokovic to lose so early in a tournament, it has got to mess with the head of the flamboyant Serb. The Darth Vader entrance was soon forgotten by a brilliant performance from Querrey who showed the world how to win tennis matches mentally.

Djokovic said, “During the second set I already felt that physically I’m down, and I struggled in every game, it’s unfortunate, but on the brighter side, I have a little bit more time to rest because I had really difficult period in the last couple of weeks. Some things happened and a lot of things on my mind.”

How To Win Tennis Matches Mentally (Video)

Djokovic has not seen the exit door so quickly, in fact, the last time this happened to him was in 2010 at the Miami Masters.

Querrey said “I got rolling and got more confidence and started serving better and being a little more aggressive.”

The American fired up powerful serves with numerous aces up his sleeve. Djokovic commented that “I was concerned about how long I can keep that level (in the first set), since physically I’m not feeling very good in last couple of days. When you’re playing somebody that hits, that serves that well in the corners, there is nothing you can do.”

Querrey tallied up an amazing 18 aces that rattled Djokovic a serve that unsettled the Serb into submission.

“I thought I served amazing, especially the big points. I felt like I made a first serve there every time,” Said Querrey. “I could see he was struggling a little bit, missing some shots he probably wouldn’t normally miss.”

The aces just kept coming and resulted in showing just how to win tennis matches mentally. The confidence overpowered “Darth Vader” in a match that had the American win in a dominating and powerful encounter. The first set showed signs of Serb superiority, but it was short-lived and brilliant tennis from the world number 46 in this stunning display of ball placement accuracy and power.

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